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Version 89.0

Release date

23rd March 2018


Category reason codes are now supported on receipt stash entry.

Attachments directory can be specified using a system key rather than automatic by URL.

GDPR ticket notes now indicate if note added by delegate.

Style change for adding notes and attachments to GDPR tickets. Buttons now used.

Now able to hide the MEO login entry if SSO is used.

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue whereby a claim could be denied but remain in a payment batch.

Fixed issue where it was not possible to recover a deleted user account.

Fixed issue where saving a new user profile would return you to your dashboard rather than staying in the administration screens.

Fixed issue where the reference field was not properly validated if mandatory and filled in.

Search screen no longer returns empty claim headers in the search results.

Corrected GDPR ticket graph to correctly indicate the actual number of tickets.

Status buttons on GDPR tasks now correctly indicate the status of the task.

Data audit tickets can now be edited by any admin user.

Fixed issue where incorrect charts were showing on dashboard when delegated as another user.

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